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ThermiSmooth®  is an application of the ThermiRF® device, which is FDA cleared and indicated for use in dermatological and general surgical procedures for hemostasis.


  • ThermiSmooth® Face

    THERMIsmooth® Face utilizes a transcutaneous electrode on the skin’s surface to heat skin to a clinician-selected therapeutic temperature. Literature has shown that elevating skin temperature to a therapeutic level can contract collagen molecules and stimulate collagen production, which may give the appearance of smoothing or wrinkle reduction.

  • ThermiSmooth® Before & Afters


Non invasive application that treats incontinence, vaginal rejuvenation, corrects difficulty with intimacy bliss, and restores and rejuvenates external genitalia.

ThermiVa® applications use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue. The patent pending ThermiVa electrode is designed for applications including the vaginal anatomy.

Psssst. Let us share our secret with you! Now is the time to get empowered by gaining your confidence back with no more worries or concerns with bladder control issues. Sneezing, coughing or laughing will no longer be an issue with THERMIva treatments as it gently stimulates collagen production utilizing radio frequency energy. This very comfortable state- of- the- art technology also delivers restoration to the vaginal tissue structure enabling restoration of achieving sexual satisfaction once again! THERMIva application is delivered with no down time and rejuvenates the external vaginal tissues restoring youthful appearance. Three applications are required for optimal results. Experience it!

· Comfortable non-invasive application with no down time
· Gentle heat is delivered to the vulvaginal tissue stimulating collagen production
· Convenient application performed in-office
· For use on both internal and external vaginal tissues
· Non surgical, non ablative, and no anesthesia required

ThermiVa_FAQs [PDF]

  • Demonstration Video

  • Safety Concerns

    Product should not be used on patients who are pregnant, have a urinary tract infection or a skin infection in or around the area of treatment. Treating physicians should perform required testing to confirm patient is negative for infection or pregnancy. Patient should be awake and monitored during the procedure for any unexpected symptoms. Expected procedure side effects may include pain in procedure area, erythema and edema.

  • Before & Afters (GRAPHIC IMAGES)