Same Day Sick Visits | Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine | Roswell, GA


We take our role as your health care provider seriously. We guarantee same day sick visits for all of our established patients of record. If you are not an established patient, we will do all that we can to fit you in for a new patient visit, but cannot guarantee same day visits.

As prevention is a major goal for our patients, being able to start necessary treatment as soon as possible is extremely important. To that end, we strive to see our established patients at the earliest onset of disease in order to initiate treatment as swift and ideally, as minimally as possible, in an effort to reduce worsening of symptoms and more aggressive interventions that may not be needed if caught early enough. We utilize botanical therapy, intravenous nutrient therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, dietary modifications and numerous other approaches to get our patients feeling better and able to return to work/school as swiftly and healthy as possible.

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