Our colleague Dr. Fitzgerald and her team have compiled some great research articles and updatesbas it relates to the pandemic. The best part? Although these substances do not treat or cure, all 8 compounds have promising mechanisms to help boost your immunity. Many of these things can be found in fruits and vegetables, which we can all start eating more of today! Again, nothing is proven, but what can we do now to support our bodies? Here are the top 8 compounds that are currently undergoing studies:

1. Citrus foods: Orange, lime, lemon and grapefruits (especially peels)
2. Tea: Green is superior in terms of concentration of antioxidants
3. Chinese Skullcap: herbal compound
4. Andrographis: herbal compound
5. Turmeric: bright yellow spice from a root
6. Quercitin: antioxidant found in apples, red onions, capers, fennel, kale, broccoli
7. Luteolin: compound found in celery, thyme, green peppers, and celery seeds
8. Rosemary: great herb for cooking

Reference: https://www.drkarafitzgerald.com/2020/04/17/8-potential-natural-anti-avoid-compounds/?fbclid=IwAR1VwGd1XZPIf1wdFy97VXvkPfDdBJtOpxtfLzQUdc-WgFT2m9PWT9m84js