With the constantly evolving arena of result based health care, chemical created applied sciences are counted as cornerstone deffinition, building the house of “standard practice”. Using direct objective action vs reaction practice, conclusions become based on a specific situation, but not the over all body function.


With classical medicinal treatments a relationship between the mind and the patients body normally is not even adressed and replaced with pharmaceuticals. Using naturopathic medicine is how this connection is made between the patient’s and its enviroment.


Naturopathic Doctors are trained to fully decipher and implement tangable methods to accessing wholistic functions inside every natural human focused on gaining complete encompasing wellness. Trained naturopathic doctors doctors with Atlanta Ingetrative & Internal Medicine stay prepared to get patients to obtain what they need to reverse your body back to a balanced general state of health and overall well being. Practitioners from AiiMed implement naturopathic treatments that also includes modern, traditional, practices through provisional treatments.


Both treatment practices will create a complete over all heath wellness Both altering behaviors coupled with the use of natural medicine creates the atmosphere to which a body can work properly, clients can enjoy the prosperity that the naturopathic doctors can give the entire body. This insite that most that most naturopathic systems focuses on, is based on the time your naturopathic doctor allows to assess the patient in its entirety and applying it for entire holistic health.


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