Man made chemical solutions have been the go to when it comes to treating symptoms of patients. The body can be treated as as whole while often science is made to treat specific symptoms throwing us further off balance,


In traditional medical approaches, the natural connection man has with his body is often under emphasized in forfeit for unnatural man-made medicines. In naturopathic remedies however, the gap is bridged between patient and the patient’s own natural body.

Naturopathic remedies focus is to truly understand and develop practical ways of using natural systems of the human body and to attain total overall health. The naturopathic remedies practitioners at Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine are ready to help you meet all the needs to get your body back to a healthy standard and to live a better life in general. General Practitioners residing at Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine prescribe naturopathic remedies that combine scientific evidence with traditional wisdom.


All of these things combine to form a whole body treatment. Benefiting the body as a whole, this treatment will produce a reaction where the patient can heal itself with a combination of medicines and the practice of naturopathic remedies to achieve a harmonious state This insight that the that the naturopathic remedies system focuses on, is based on the time your naturopathic practitioner allows to assess the patient in its entirety and applying it for entire holistic health.

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