As we know it to be, chemical based treatments created by man are the medical standard used for modern treatments with pharmaceutical means. Over all how the body functions as a whole is over looked when all the results are based on one symptom


Traditionally man made pharmaceutical treatments take precedence to symptom relief without understanding the direct connection of the patients mind and body symbiotically. With natural medicine doctors the space between mind and body are both taken into primary consideration.

Nature Medicine Doctors can create an over all functional health by understanding and developing the essential order that was naturally created and exists withing us already. Skilled natural medicine professionals working at AiiMed work steadily on meeting their clients needs to get healthy overall body function and back on track to and healthier standard of living and wellness Doctors with Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine use alternative medicine combining the classical science method with traditional observational applications.


Combining these two philosophies together creates a encompassing complete new approach. Benefiting the body as a whole, this treatment will produce a reaction where the patient can heal itself with a combination of medicines and the practice of nature medicine doctors to achieve a harmonious state The most important component to a important component to a nature medicine treatment will be the amount your naturopathic doctor spends to fully understand your body and its individual way of processing when it’s healing.

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