In the ever growing field of scientific medicine, technology and man-made concoctions have been the primary leader of what we call “modern medicine”. With specific scientific cause and effect method, results are focused for one singular symptom, without seeing the patient as a whole.


Traditionally man made pharmaceutical treatments take precedence to symptom relief without understanding the direct connection of the patients mind and body symbiotically. Using naturopathic doctors, the space between mind and body are both taken into primary consideration.

Naturopathic Doctors can create an over all functional health by understanding and developing the essential order that was naturally created and exists withing us already. Skilled naturopathic doctors professionals working at AiiMed work steadily on meeting their clients needs to get healthy overall body function and back on track to and healthier standard of living and wellness Specialists at Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine practice naturopathic doctors by including modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods.


Combining these two philosophies together creates a encompassing complete new approach. By changing lifestyles, as well as using natural medicines to create an environment where the body can actually heal itself, patients experience the full benefits of a naturopathic doctors approach to overall bodily health. The key to the to the naturopathic approach is the time your naturopathic health doctor takes to understand your body as a whole and treating you for overall body health.

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