In the ever growing field of scientific medicine, technology and man-made concoctions have been the primary leader of what we call “modern medicine”. With specific scientific cause and effect method, results are focused for one singular symptom, without seeing the patient as a whole.

With classical medicinal treatments a relationship between the mind and the patients body normally is not even addressed and replaced with pharmaceuticals. Using natural medicine is how this connection is made between the patient’s and its environment.

Natural Medicine Doctors are trained to fully decipher and implement tangible methods to accessing holistic functions inside every natural human focused on gaining complete encompassing wellness. Trained natural medicine doctors with AiiMed stay prepared to get patients to obtain what they need to reverse your body back to a balanced general state of health and overall well being. Specialists at Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine practice natural medicine by including modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods.

Both treatment practices will create a complete over all heath wellness By changing lifestyles, as well as using natural medicines to create an environment where the body can actually heal itself, patients experience the full benefits of a natural medicine approach to overall bodily health. The most important component to a important component to a natural medicine treatment will be the amount your naturopathic physician spends to fully understand your body and its individual way of processing when it’s healing.

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