One of the latest methods in preventive medicine is IV Drip Therapy. Our specialists at Atlanta Integrative and Internal Medicine serve several selections of IV Drip Therapy treatment options.


How Does IV Drip Therapy work?

Intravenous (IV) fluid drips infuse saline solution based treatments through a small catheter and tubing directly into the bloodstream. A bag of fluids is hung above the head of the patient and slowly enters the bloodstream. Vitamin supplements and some medications used in this treatment solution are usually tailored to fit each clients specific needs.


What is in IV Drip Therapy ?

We create specific solutions for IV treatment therapies to fit the patients unique variables at Aiimed. IV Drips are comprised from two core ingredients,saline and some type of supplement. Saline, which spread the nutriment evenly throughout the circulatory system will also provide hydration throughout the body. The effects of the supplements are devised to oppose the patients symptoms. IV Drip treatments are used to allow a person to come back to healthy and normalized body functionality.


Types of IV Drip Therapy

Different types of IV Drip Therapy can be the exact remedy needed to restore your overall health. Varieties of treatments function to help multiple symptoms, from weight loss, boosting your immune system or increasing energy levels. A certain therapy might use Vitamin C to support immunity for example, while others are designed to better convert your food into usable energy, and some use B-12 to boost patients overall energy levels.

IV Drip Therapy can also reduce body fat and promote muscle growth with mixtures geared toward weight control. Commonly used as a hangover remedy, the Meyer’s Cocktail is comprised of vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medications while instantly hydrating the patient with IV drip. We offer a multitude of different therapy treatments at At Atlanta Integrative and Internal Medicine, with all your well being in mind, we work towards getting patients to live a robust lifestyle. These treatments can be the key to getting your body back on track and get you feeling the best you can!


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