A rapidliy growing trend in health management is called Nutritional IV Drip. Our medical specialists at Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine have a wide selection of Nutritional IV Drip therapy solutions.


How Does Nutritional IV Drip work?

This therapeutic treatments infuses directly into the bloodstream pairing medicines and saline solutions via a drip catheter into patients vein. Hung above the clients head, the bag of fluids will drip into the patients bloodstream slowly. These treatments usually include medication and/or vitamin supplements that are concocted to suit each individual patient’s needs or situation.


What is in Nutritional IV Drip ?

At Atlanta Integrated and Internal Medicine, we offer many IV therapies, tailored to suit your specific needs. Composed of two major components, saline and supplements, our Nutritional IV Drip can provide equal parts delivery, hydrating the body and dispersing vitamins evenly into the bloodstream. The supplemental part added to the mixture is designed to oppose symptoms you are experiencing. Treatments are used to make a person get back to a healthy balance to maintain normal bodily function.


Types of Nutritional IV Drip

Multiple varieties of Nutritional IV Drip are used for whatever is needed to get you back on track. Some are used to boost energy, some are made to boost immune systems, some are helpful for weight loss. For example, there are IV drips used to boost energy – composed by B-12 vitamins. Some are created to help convert food to energy while in some Vitamin C used for immune system support.

Nutritional IV Drips can also be used in reduction of fat, aiding in weight control and can also be used enlarge muscle mass. The Meyer’s Cocktail drip therapy immediately provides hydration minerals, vitamins, anti-inflammatory support and most importantly anti-nausea medicine as this is commonly used for patients with hangovers. We offer a multitude of different therapy treatments at At Atlanta Nutritional IV Drip Medicine, with all your well being in mind by getting patients to live a robust lifestyle. To get your body feeling the best it can possibly be, makes sure to check out these key IV drip treatments!


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