A trending new treatment of preventative health management is IV Infusion Intravenous Vitamin Therapy. AiiMed medical professionals provide a wide selection of IV Infusion Intravenous Vitamin Therapy treatment solutions.


How Does IV Infusion Intravenous Vitamin Therapy work?

When practitioners introduce liquid medications coupled with saline solutions directly into the bloodstream via catheter to produce a therapeutic result. Entering the body via the bloodstream, the solution treatment bag is raised above the patients head. Tailor made treatments prescribed by practitioner will sometimes include vitamins as well as medicinal elements to fit each patient.


What is in IV Infusion Intravenous Vitamin Therapy ?

Individual symptoms may vary, so Atlanta Integrated and Internal Medicine will create unique intravenous therapies to suit your needs. Typically vitamins and some medicinal components are joined with saline solution spreads the treatment intravenously throughout the body and in-turn hydrates the patient at the same time. Supplemental ingredients are joined to specific mixtures allowing relief of patients symptoms. Intravenous drip therapies are designed to promote normalized and returned working balance of the human body.


Types of IV Infusion Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Multiple varieties of IV Infusion Intravenous Vitamin Therapies but normalized bodily function is the main goal of any IV drip therapy. Controlling weight loss, renewing your energy levels and boosting your immune systems are just a few of these therapies. For some IV drips B-12 is the active ingredient focused on boosting energy levels, while others use Vitamin C to empower immune system function. Some are created to aid conversion of food to energy.

IV Infusion Intravenous Vitamin Therapy encouraging muscle growth are methods that IV drip therapy can help patients with weight loss control. A popular cure for the worst of hangovers is the Meyer’s cocktail which combines vitamins, minerals, instant hydration, anti-inflammatory aids and most importantly-anti nausea medication. With AiiMed, we provide several varieties of Intravenous Drip treatment therapies to encourage a greater feeling of well being and a completely healthier way of life. IV drip therapies are just the thing your body needs to get back to feeling the best it can feel!


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