A trend gaining popularity in health & wellness is called Intravenous Therapy. Atlanta Integrative and Internal Medicine  specialists have an extensive choice of Intravenous Therapy treatment options.


How Does Intravenous Therapy work?

Intravenous (IV) fluid drips infuse saline solution based treatments through a small catheter and tubing directly into the bloodstream. A bag of fluids is hung above the head of the patient and the solution slowly enters the bloodstream. Sometimes medicine and vitamin treatments are made specifically by practitioner and added to this solution to suit any patients diagnosis.


What is in Intravenous Therapy ?

Specific needs of the patient can be met when specialists at AiiMed tailor an individual treatment solution. The combination of saline solution, vitamins and/or medicines comprise the IV Drip. Saline, one of the main components of IV drip therapy, provides even disbursement of the treatment while fully hydrating the body at the same time. Medicinal supplements are combined specifically to offset the patients direct symptoms. Normalized bodily function is the main goal for any practitioner who creates these treatments for their patients.


Types of Intravenous Therapy

Different types of Intravenous Therapy be implemented specifically for your return to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Multitudes of therapies can be specifically treated like weight loss, reviving your immune system or empowering your energy levels. In some cases IV drips use B-12 to boost a patients energy level, while others use Vitamin C to increase immunity levels. For example some are designed to help properly convert food to energy.

Intravenous Therapy can also be geared more towards weight loss and to reduce fat and increase muscle mass. The Meyer’s Cocktail IV Drip, for example, instantly provides hydration, vitamins, minerals as well as anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications (most commonly used as a hangover treatment). At AiiMed we create many selections of IV drip therapy treatments. We set out to help you balance a healthy overall lifestyle and attain a greater sense of well being. Getting your body back on track by using these key IV drip treatments is the best way to get the most out of life!!



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