Are you going through any of the symptoms below?

Women: Vaginal Dryness, Mood Changes, Weight Gain, Headache, Nausea, Fatigue, Abdominal Cramps, Sleep Disturbances, Mood Swings, Irritability, General Unhappiness, Hot Flashes, Incontinence, Night Sweats

Men: Heart disease, Osteoporosis, Fatigue, Muscle Weakness and Atrophy, Anxiety, Depression, Low Libido, Metabolic Syndrome, Acne, Prostatism (nocturia, dysuria), Male Pattern Balding, Insomnia, Weight gain Memory loss Diabetes

Have you looked into hormonal imbalance treatment?

A bio-identical hormone that can assist you in losing both inches & pounds successfully & for good. What is hormonal imbalance treatment? Hormonal imbalance treatment entails decreasing the amount of calories you eat the amount of calories you eat with a very precise meal plan & food list, and hormone & supplement drops or injections which supports you in managing your energy levels and appetite. In this process, your body discharges what is labeled as “abnormal fat” – fat that simply refuses to be burned as energy.

For Women: hormonal imbalance treatment is most commonly used to control the problems of menopause. But, hormonal imbalance treatment might also be used to take control of problems while going through puberty, or issues concerning thyroid & weight control.

For Men: The most frequent use of hormonal imbalance treatment in men, is utilizing bioidentical hormones to improve declined androgen (testosterone). Andropause (male menopause) is caused by decreased testosterone, as testosterone levels reduce close to two percent yearly in men.

The benefits of hormonal imbalance treatment

Benefits of hormonal imbalance treatment are great for both women and men and all-inclusively can increase quality of life.

For Women: hormonal imbalance treatment aids in relieving menopausal symptoms assists in regulating women who have had a hysterectomy and also helps adjust inconsistent periods.

For men: helps adjust androgen levels and enhance libido. It can also help decrease the risk of heart disease & diabetes.

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John’s Creek, GA’s most qualified hormonal imbalance treatment location. Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine experts are the most qualified bioidentical hormone doctors, with decades of experience all together. Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine bioidentical hormone doctors came up with a leading method to bio-identical hormones. Our bioidentical hormone doctors have an unique procedure. Every patient treated by our bioidentical hormone doctors begin out with blood tests of the level of your hormones, also called hormone panel. After receiving results, AIIMed’s HCG Doctors bioidentical hormone doctors give a accurate amount of bioidentical DHEA, estrogen or testosterone to fulfill the wants of the individual patient.

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