A popular trend in preventative health management is called Vitamin IV Drip Infusions. Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine medical specialists provide an expansive selection of Vitamin IV Drip Infusions therapy solutions.


How Does Vitamin IV Drip Infusions work?

This therapeutic treatment infuses directly into the bloodstream pairing medicines and saline solutions via a drip catheter into patients vein. Hung above the clients head, the bag of fluids will drip into the patients bloodstream slowly. Practitioners will design a treatments to fit the patients specific needs and will add medicine and or vitamins to this solution.


What is in Vitamin IV Drip Infusions ?

IV drip therapy treatments are prepared specifically to meet patients need at Atlanta Integrative and Internal Medicine. Intravenous drip therapies generally consists of two central ingredients, Vitamin IV Drip saline solution with supplemental vitamins. This allows for the treatment to deliver evenly and hydrate the body simultaneously. Counteracting the patients symptoms, medicinal supplements are mixed to fit the diagnosis. A healthy balance of normalized body function is the main purpose of continued IV drip therapy treatments.


Types of Vitamin IV Drip Infusions

There are multiple varieties of Vitamin IV Drip Infusions combined to directly improve overall health and restore a perfect internal balance. Weight loss control, increasing energy levels and boosting your overall energy levels is just some of the treatments available. To support immunity, in some drips, Vitamin C will be the key ingredient for example. Others use B-12 to help boost overall energy levels while some are made for healthy conversion of food to energy.

Designed for reducing fat encouraging muscle growth are methods that IV drip therapy can help patients with weight loss control. A popular cure for the worst of hangovers is the Meyer’s cocktail which combines vitamins, minerals, instant hydration, anti-inflammatory aids and most importantly- anti nausea medication. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and overall well being is the goal at Atlanta Integrative and Internal Medicine, and we offer several varieties of IV drip therapies to attain this. Using IV drip therapy is a great way to getting on the fast track to recovery and feeling the best you can!


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