As we know it to be, chemical based treatments created by man are the medical standard used for modern treatments with pharmaceutical means. Over all how the body functions as a whole is over looked when all the results are based on one symptom


When the specfic symptom is the main focus of medical treatment, and its direct cause and effect, often mind and body connection is overlooked. Creating naturopathic treatment solutions will bring together the loss of connection between mind and body.


Naturopathic Treatment practicality and applied understanding of natural functional internal systems that already exist inside the human body becomes the overall goal of this method. Physicians in naturopathic treatment are ready at AiiMed to create a path of special steps for you to take to get your body back to better function in general. Doctors with Atlanta Ingetrative & Internal Medicine use naturopathic treatments combining the classical science method with tradional observational applications.


Using both styles and philosophies promotes overall wholistic body wellness Benefitting the body as a whole, this treatment will produce a reaction where the patient can heal itself with a combonaton of medicines and the practice of naturopathic treatments to achieve a harmonius state The most important component to a important component to a naturopathic treatment will be the ammount your alternative medicine practitioner physcian spends to fully understand your body and its individual way of processing when it’s healing.


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