A trend gaining popularity in health & wellness is called IV Hangover Therapy. Atlanta Integrative and Internal Medicine specialists provide many possibilities of IV Hangover Therapy therapy solutions.


How Does IV Hangover Therapy work?

This therapeutic treatments infuses directly into the bloodstream pairing medicines and saline solutions via a drip catheter into patients vein. Hung above the clients head, the bag of fluids will drip into the patients bloodstream slowly. Treatments are created to fit each patients situation and along with solution will contain medicinal substances and/or vitamins as needed.


What is in IV Hangover Therapy ?

We at AiiMed can address many varieties of symptoms to cure or prevent with specific IV therapy. The two main elements of our drip therapy are the supplements and the saline solution. Using the saline it provides even distribution of vitamins into the bloodstream as well as overall healthy hydration of the body. Medicinal elements are infused in this solution, correcting symptoms experienced by the patient. IV Therapies can help a patient return to a relative balance in order to have healthy bodily function.


Types of IV Hangover Therapy

Multiple varieties of IV Hangover Therapy can be available with exactly what you need to return to normality. Certain treatments will increase energy, others are designed to increase immunity systems while others are geared towards weight control. For Instance certain IV therapies are created to increase energy by using B-12 vitamins while some are designed to aid conversion of food into energy. Some use Vitamin C for increased immunity. Reducing fat encouraging muscle growth are methods that IV drip therapy can help patients with weight loss control. A popular cure for the worst of hangovers is the Meyer’s cocktail which combines vitamins, minerals, instant hydration, anti-inflammatory aids and most importantly- anti nausea medication. At AiiMed we create many selections of IV drip therapy treatments. Our goal is to attain a balanced and healthy overall lifestyle and attain a greater sense of well being. IV drip therapies are just the thing your body needs to get back to feeling the best it can feel!


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