A trend gaining popularity in health management is called IV Drip Vitamin Therapy. Our doctors at Atlanta Integrative & Internal Medicine serve an expansive selection of IV Drip Vitamin Therapy treatments.


How Does IV Drip Vitamin Therapy work?

IV drip treatments work by delivering medicinal substances paired with saline solutions directly into the patients bloodstream via catheter. Slowly entering the bloodstream through bag raised above the patients head, the solution treatment infuses with the body. The patients specific diagnosis will determine if this solution will include medicinal or vitamin supplements as prescribed by practitioner.


What is in IV Drip Vitamin Therapy ?

At Aiimed we can create individual therapy solutions made to fit your particular symptoms and needs. Medicinal supplements and or vitamins are paired with saline which comprise most IV Drip Vitamin Therapy. The saline is used to spread the prescribed treatment evenly throughout the bloodstream while also hydrating the body at the same time. This addition of medicinal supplements are created to offset symptoms experienced by patient. To create a balanced and even bodily function is the end result of continued IV drip therapies.


Types of IV Drip Vitamin Therapy

Different types of IV Drip Vitamin Therapy therapy drips are available and made specifically to get you back to balanced. Weight control management, invigorating your immune system and increasing entire bodies energy levels are just a few of the applications. One specific use of Vitamin C in IV drips will boost immunity, while others use B-12 to increase energy. Some are designed to aid with healthy food to vital energy conversion.

Muscle growth and fat reduction are ways that IV drip therapies can help with weight loss and control. Most common and simple use for IV drip therapies would have to be the Meyer’s Cocktail, that infuses vitamins minerals and instant hydration for those with hangovers. At Atlanta Integrated and Internal Medicine, we offer many types of IV Drip Vitamin Therapy treatments that are made to promote a better sense of well being and a healthier lifestyle. These treatments can be the key to getting your body back on track and get you feeling the best you can!


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